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How to upload content:

Uploading content in the Verizon B2B Communities is easy. Just click   to draft a discussion, question, document, blog post or another type of content. You may, however, not be able to see the Create menu if your community manager hasn’t enabled the feature.


How to start a conversation:

Commenting is as simple as clicking Add a Comment or Reply at the bottom of a document, blog post, question or discussion. You can reply to an individual message in a thread or to the original post, and everyone reading the thread will see your response.

Documents have owners who control whether you can change the content of the document, comment on it or even see it. You may be able to see documents that you don't have permission to comment on or participate in. If you think you should be able to comment on a document, and you can't, contact the author and ask for permission.


How to follow/unfollow:

  1. You can follow in a few different ways.
    1. Use your stream:
      1. If you’re browsing your stream and see something or someone you want to follow, hover your mouse over the name or avatar.
      2. Click Follow.
      3. You can then select the stream you want to follow it in. 
    2. Use the browse menus:
      1. Click People from the top navigation menu (may also be nested under the Browse button), or click Your Content or Your Places from the menu under your avatar. Then browse for things to follow. Be sure to check the Recommended tab to see recommendations based on your individual activity and connections in the Verizon B2B communities.
      2. When you see an item you want to follow, click on its gear icon and then follow.
      3. Then select the stream you want to follow it in.
    3. Use the Search feature:
      1. Search for keywords of things that might interest you.
      2. When you find something you want to follow, click on the item.
      3. From there, click ActionsFollow.
      4. Select the stream you want to follow it in.
  2. To stop following something, go to the item and then click Actions > Following. You can also unselect the streams where you want to stop following the person, place or content item. You’ll no longer see updates on what you’ve selected. Those updates, however, will still appear in the Most Recent stream because that stream shows all public activity in the Verizon B2B Communities. You can also go to the stream and click the edit icon above the stream. From here, click the "x" next to the items that you want to remove from your stream.


How to message:

To send a message, click Send Message from your inbox or Message from the top of any of your attention streams. You can also click  > Message or hover over the person's name in any of your attention streams and click  Message. Once you send the message, it’ll go straight to the recipient’s inbox. From there, the recipient can respond directly.


How to delete items:

  1. Want to delete a piece of content? First, head to your profile and locate the content you want to remove. Once you find it, click the gear icon in the top right corner, scroll down and select delete.
  2. It’s also easy to delete comments. Just click on the gear icon on the bottom left corner of the comment you want to remove, and select delete.