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How to publish content: 

  1. Go to the piece of content you want to share, such as a document, blog post, status update, discussion, question and more.
    1. Click Share
    1. Type in where you’d like to share your item or use Browse Places to navigate and select one.
    1. Add more places if you'd like.
    1. Type a little note about the share in the Message box. If you don’t type anything, the post will just use the default provided text.
  2. Click Publish. 


Note: People who don't have access to the original content won’t have access to the shared one either. For example, let’s say that you post a document in a private group, but you also share it into an open group because you know most of the intended audience spends time there. Regardless of the document being shared openly, it’ll only be fed to the public group members who are also part of your private group. 


How to update your permissions:

    1. Go to the discussion, document or blog post you’d like to update. You’ll need to have editing permissions.
    1. In the Actions menu on the right, select the option you want. You may not see all or any of these depending on how your community manager has set up the marking feature.

Note: There will be a new badge at the top level of the content item. If you change your mind later, you can always hit Unmark from the right side of the badge box.


Got Questions?

The Help page provides easy access to answers to common questions. If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for, you can ask the community for help through our question submission tool.


Here’s the breakdown of user permissions/roles:

A role badge is an icon used to indicate roles or responsibilities of Verizon B2B Communities users. You might use this to find someone who can answer a question or to identify people whose answers you can count on. Mouse over the icon to see the name of the role. 

Here's a list of possible roles for the badges: 

  • Administrator
  • Champion
  • Employee
  • Moderator
  • Support
  • Verizon associate
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