• Activating embedded SIM's with SKU #?

    Has anyone successfully activated a device with an embedded SIM by providing the SIM and SKU (not using the IMEI)?  How was the experience - the same as typical or was there anything unique/different?
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  • How do I receive support during my development process?

    Technical questions may be submitted via email to M2M Customer Service at m2msupport@verizon.com or by calling 800-525-0481. Support hours are M-F excluding holidays 6am-5pm PT.
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  • Attend our IoT Developers Workshop at IoT Evolution Expo

    1/22/18 7:00 AM
    Together with Nokia, Renesas and Arrow, we are offering a one-day, hands-on seminar to review the new 4G LTE Cat-M1 standard, implementation techniques including processor and module selection, and IoT platform consid...
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    Attend our IoT Developers Workshop at IoT Evolution Expo
  • Connectivity API Activation Best Practices

    Here are some of my best practices when activating lines using the Connectivity API.  What are yours?   As of Sep 22, 2017 the requirements to complete an activation using the API are: Device ID. ESN ...
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  • Messaging access via ThingSpace SDK

    Does the ThingSpace SDK support reading/sending SMS messages of an authenticated Verizon customer for displaying on a Web Portal? We are interested in providing desktop access to carrier messages.
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  • Does Verizon have  an API for Number Portability?

    Hello,    I am looking for an API for checking the portability of a phone number. I have not seen this in Verizon's public API documentation. Does anyone know if Verizon has an API endpoint for checking the...
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  • Does Connected Working Kill Innovation?

    When it comes to employees working remotely, what are your policies? Do you have any tools that make this easier? Learn more.
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  • {"error":"FORBIDDEN_ERROR","error_description":"User doesn't own this code"}

    How do I solve this? I did not find a place to get a long code
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  • SIM Purchase on TSM Portal

    Any suggestions for setup?
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  • How to manage devices on Thing Space

    I have many devices that I can access on b2b. I can also access them through m2m. How can I access them through Thing Space APIs? I have an account but I'm not sure how to associate my thing space account with my ente...
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  • 6 reasons you can't afford to go cheap on network

    Building a house is like choosing a network. There are many things you stand to lose if you don't step back and take a macro view of your infrastructure. What are some items you see when you see that macro view? How d...
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  • 2017 Data Breach Digest: Half Year Anniversary

    It has been more than half year since the release of the 2017 Data Breach Digest -- it could be time to refresh your knowledge of all it contains. Let us know your thoughts and what has changed in the past six mo...
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  • Customer Experience and the Security Paradox

    Have you ever had to sacrifice your security for a great CX experience or vice versa? Thankfully, the missing link between security and the customer experience has been identified. Find out what it is here. 
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  • Unable to render image in base64 format with Picture widget of freeboard on Chrome & Firefox.

    Unable to render image in base64 format with Picture widget on chrome and firefox browsers(Working fine in IE). Issue analysis: I found that in order to avoid caching of images, base64 image string when rendered as U...
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  • How to capture user actions(click, hover, etc) with Freeboard widgets?

    #Freeboard.thingspace.io When I click on any point on map widget,  want to capture the point clicked & populate same on a popup. With Pointer widget, when I click on any point on the circle, I want pointer ...
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  • Where to get ThingSpace API key required to call Map Quest traffic APIs?

    I am trying to access mapquest traffic incidents API, I created a new key set in account -> settings and tried it with MapQuest, but I am getting below response with a 401 response code. { "fault": { "code": "900...
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  • How do I fetch dweets with a specific value for the same thingName?

    I am publishing numerous dweets to a thingName.Suppose, In some of the dweets I have set flag status to true. If I want to fetch dweets containing only true flag status, how can it be done with ThingSpace device ...
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  • Using CURL to get your Bearer and M2M Connectivity Token

    Currently ThingSpace M2M Connectivity APIs require two tokens, Bearer and M2M Connectivity.  You can retrieve them using curl assuming you have a been provided M2M Connectivity credentials. Get your key and secre...
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  • How do I take an action using Device Messaging APIs based on a specific parameter ?Is there MQTT support for the same?

    I am currently using streamed APIs for actuating a device based on a specific parameter, where I have to listen every data stream to check if the condition is satisfied or not so that I can proceed further to actuatio...
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  • MapQuest API Simulator:  Missing Credentials ...

    I am trying to use the API Simulator at https://thingspace.verizon.com/develop/apis/mapquest/v1/Geocoding/address.html for the MapQuest APIs.  I am sending the following:    curl -X POST --header ...
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