ThingSpace for Smart Cities: MaryBeth Hall Outlines the Key Element

Blog Post created by thingspace Employee on Sep 6, 2017

In her recent keynote at the IoT Evolution Expo in Las Vegas, marybethhall, Verizon Director of Product for IoT talked about the company’s work in Smart Cities, and how the ThingSpace platform is making it easier to develop applications that are improving life for citizens all over the world.

The Verizon ThingSpace platform is ideally suited for Smart City implementations, thanks to its ability to interact with any type of endpoint and unmatched connectivity options. What is the most important step to take in order to facilitate ThingSpace implementations?

Hall talked about what she sees as the key element to a successful Smart City implementation. To watch the full keynote, click here.

IoT is bridging the gap between the physical and the digital world as evidenced by the sharing economy where people are moving from ownership to usership. And the development and management of these types of applications is tied directly to the capabilities of the ThingSpace platform.

Of course connectivity is at the heart of Verizon’s platform, and according to Hall, the most important early step for cities to be smarter is implementing the public WiFi network.

That’s because every IoT initiative and product needs connectivity, and the infrastructure of that connectivity is anchored in WiFi. Verizon is working with a number of U.S. cities as part of Public Private partnerships, including in Boston and Sacramento, where the company is already providing free WiFi.

“We’re making a billion dollar investment in the City of Boston in redoing all of their [connectivity] infrastructure, and we’re adding the wireless elements for autonomous vehicles for smart traffic and, for intelligent video,” she said. “This will allow customers to really innovate. Our job is to provide the tools to let them do that.”

Some of those tools come from Verizon’s work in Cat-M, VoLTE, and NB-IoT, which will drive down the cost of battery and increase the life of devices, while the ThingSpace community helps developers collaborate and use the tools that will get their goals accomplished.

Members of the ThingSpace community at, have a unique opportunity to get involved with the Verizon partnership ecosystem. There, they can:

  • Share ideas, challenges, and inspiration with your peers
  • Communicate with Verizon to chat with subject matter experts
  • Read the latest news and information related to ThingSpace updates and developer events

To get into the ecosystem, join the ThingSpace community today.

To watch the entire keynote, click here.