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ThingSpace site for GetStarted/ SMS states that to try SMS APIs a long code should be obtained. When I click the link for this it does not seem to take me to get the code   This link redirected me to but I don't see at this… (Show more)
Can we use EnhancedConnectivityService to send and receive sms messages to our IoT devices? Does this eliminate the need for a service like Twilio? What are the limitations and costs associated with using this to send and receive text messages from our IoT devices?   Thanks!
Stops the ThingSpace Platform from sending callback messages for the specified short code and callback type.
Registers a URL at which an account will receive delivery reports and mobile-originated messages. The messages will be REST messages using HTTP POST. You are responsible for creating and running a listening process on your server at that URL to receive and parse the messages. See Receive SMS API Callbacks for the callback schema.
Returns a list of all long codes owned by the current user. Codes are associated with services that you provide, and are required to send messages and to register callback listener endpoints.
Query ThingSpace about the delivery status of a message. Your application should wait at least 5 minutes after sending a message before querying the delivery status.
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